Eisenhower Park


Dwight D. Eisenhower Park is a 420-acre park, containing excellent examples of Hill Country landscapes, including wooded dry creek beds and rocky canyons. In addition to over 6 miles of paved and unpaved trails, the park features a reconstructed observation tower at 1,280 feet, offering a stunning view of downtown San Antonio. Pets are allowed on leash, but be prepared to remove any droppings your pet may leave. Barbecue and picnic facilities are available. No roller blades, scooters, or bicycles are allowed, and hikers are required to stay on designated trails. To help preserve the health and beauty of this sensitive natural area, please do not disturb the plants, rocks or animals.

Location and Hours

19399 N.W. Military Hwy. 78257

Sunday-Saturday: sunrise – sunset


The trails of Eisenhower Park offer a wide range of hiking experiences and several levels of challenge from Level One handicap accessible to Level Four difficulty. Trail markers identify plants along portions of the Cedar Flats and Shady Creek trails and parts of the natural surfaced sections of the Hillview and Yucca trails.



Cedar Flats Trail:

The .90 mile (1.4 km) main trail through the heart of the park. Level pending.


Hillview Trail:

This trail circles the park with 2.43 miles (4 km) of natural path and joins an additional .24 mile (.4 km) paved surfaces near the parking area. Level pending.


Yucca Trail:

An easy paved .45 mile (.7 km) with benches to rest. Above a short paved loop, the trail continues with a natural surface for .93 mile (1.5 km). Level pending.


Shady Creek Trail:

A shady trail beginning in the bed of a creek, then looping .29 mile (.5 km) back around to Cedar Flats trail. Level pending.


Red Oak Trail:

At the top of the park, Red Oak Trail loops up to the western boundary, then south and east back to upper Hillview near the observation tower for .48 mile (.8 km). Level pending.


Live Oak Trail:

This trail travels west for .17 mile (.28 km) to connect Yucca Trail with Upper Hillview. Level pending.


Observation Tower:

This vantage point offers a 1278 foot elevation of the hill country.

More Information

More information on the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation website: