Additional Resources & Activities

We’ve compiled a list of some of the highest quality content in environmental education—spanning from early childhood to adult. Take a look and bookmark the sites that interest you! Also note, some content is available in Spanish too!

Ted Talk Earth School
Ages 5 & up

30 Quests encourage young people to understand how nature and our ecosystems provide for a healthy planet and people. Each Quest includes a discovery video and quiz, combined with a series of engaging learning resources — all curated by environmental experts.


SDG Academy/United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Teens & Adults
Some courses offered in Spanish.

Free educational resources from the world’s leading experts on sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted in 2015 in support of global progress for people, planet, and prosperity. Enjoy self-paced courses on topics such as climate change, poverty, natural resources, policy, water, globalization, and more!


The Kids Should See This
All ages

Need some quick inspiration? Check out these super cool and curated art, science, and nature videos that will be sure to motivate you to learn more.


Ages 3 & up
10 weeks of interactive lessons (available in Spanish too!)

Get to know birds through this engaging and colorful website. Downloadable books, coloring sheets, interactive games, drawing tutorials, and activity suggestions—so many ways to learn about our feathered friends!


Ranger Rick
Ages 3-8

Animals, games, jokes, videos, crafts and even a photo contest! The Ranger Rick Web Club is free for the first 3 months!


Museum of Natural History
Ages 6-12

“Ology” means “the study of”. From archeology, marine biology, paleontology, and zoology— explore careers, games, videos, stories, and hands-on science activities by clicking on your favorite topic!


KLRN Science
Pre-k up to 12th grade

Topics can be filtered by grade levels. This website provides in-depth lesson plans, and takes a deep look at scientific methods, systems, and thinking. This is a great resource for middle and high school students looking to expand their current understanding of science. Additional topics include lab safety, the limitations of science, and building your hypothesis.


Growing Up Wild & Starting Out Wild
Ages 1-5

Impart the love of nature with these early childhood lessons that integrate nature, science, art, movement, and snack time!

PBS Nature Games
Ages 3-7

Play nature games, like building an ecosystem, creature features, exploring the night sky, insect collecting, recycling, and more!


Families in Nature—The Ecologist School
Pre-k-3rd grade
Activities in Spanish too!

16 weeks of themed content for young learners. Subject areas include: geology, botany, paleontology, hydrology, herpetology, ichthyology, ornithology and much more! Explore lessons in each of these categories to further expand your knowledge of the outdoors.


Leave No Trace
Ages 7 & up
New to Leave No Trace? Check out these lessons, tips and best practices to minimize impact for anyone visiting the outdoors and exploring nature.


The Joy of Birds
Teens & adults

Birds bring us happiness in so many ways—especially in trying times. Whether you’re just looking for a lift, or need a distraction, look no further than this birdy care package from Audubon. Check out BirdNote Radio, browse Audubon’s watercolor prints, and learn some new bird calls!


All About Birds
All ages

Cornell Lab of Ornithology is one of the world’s largest, most comprehensive ornithological resources—be sure to bookmark and visit often to expand your knowledge of birds. Visit the bird guide, live webcam and feederwatch cams. Also visit the Merlin Bird ID app and download to your phone.


Bird Academy Play Lab
Ages 5-12
Available in Spanish!

Play games that explore flight, song, dance, feathers, adaptations, and so much more. This highly interactive site will keep the little ones engaged and learning!


Audubon Adventures
Ages 4-12

Enjoy puzzles and games, quizzes, teacher resources, and so much more! Topics include climate change, migration, habitats, native bees, and city wildlife.


World Migratory Bird Day
Ages 5 & up
Available in Spanish too!

This resource library contains colorful posters, downloadable booklets, coloring pages, infographics, scavenger hunts, and more! Learn about migratory birds around the globe by exploring these resources and working towards protecting migratory birds and their habitats.